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Take your Yahoo! Store Search Engine Optimization to the next level with Automated Search Engine Submissions and Advanced Detailed reporting of your Yahoo! Stores Search Engine Success each month.

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What exactly can you do for me?

In a nut shell, we submit your site to the search engines so that your site can start or continue its' way up to the top of the search engine results. In addition to that, each month, we'll send you an extremely detailed report (samples below) about your progress based on keywords and search engine rankings from all over the internet.

Submitting to the Major Search engines each month can take hours and researching each of your major keywords on at least 5 different search engines each month would take days. For $15 a month, we'll do all the work for you and present our findings in a comprehensive online report.

What do these Reports look like?

Here is a sample of a few pages from the reports that are generated each month. These reports are comprehensive and cover up to 40 keywords that you'll specify that you would like us to track.

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What do you guarantee me?

Any honest SEO service will tell you that there are no guarantees in the SEO world.

We do not control Google, MSN, or Yahoo. All we can do is offer you the assurance that our methods have never failed, and that our customers always have received a solid return on their investment.

It is also important to know that 15 SEO is always up to date on the latest search engine algorithms and that we monitor your listings on a monthly basis. We do not employ any spam techniques or other unethical SEO marketing tactics that can get you “black listed” from the search engines.

Especially Powerful for Yahoo! Store SEO

Our team has been working with Yahoo! Stores and Yahoo! Small Business for over a decade and Yahoo Store SEO is one of our specialties. Yahoo! Stores have a pre-built in advantage over many platforms as they are extremely search engine friendly, but with our techniques we can help speed up the success of your Yahoo Store's SEO success and rankings. We'll submit your Yahoo! Store to Google, as well as Yahoo Search, MSN Live, Altavista and more.

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Multiple Images

Many Yahoo! Store owners want to display more than two images per product. We can do that for you and add professionalism to any store.

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We are proud to be an Authorized Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Developer featured in the Yahoo! Developer Directory.

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