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International shipping is challenging for most small businesses to manage and maintain, partnering with Bongo will allow you to offer international shipping with zero headache or hassle. Best of all, once it has been installed there are no fee's or charges at all for you as a merchant!


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International Shipping Integrated within your Yahoo! Store

Once you have signed up and agreed to the terms and conditions, the Bongo international shipping solution can be installed on your site in just a few days and will allow you to immediately begin to offer international shipping options.

How does it work with my Yahoo! Store?

Bongo International provides a global solution that eliminates the challenges typically associated with cross border e-commerce.

Step by Step Guide:

  • Step One: International consumer registers for a US address and uses the new address to checkout. This is completed as an overlay to your site and customer remains within your store.
  • Step Two: Bongo's fraud screening applications tell the merchant the status of each consumer in real-time. Bongo holds a 0.00% fraud rate in company history.
  • Step Three: Merchant sends order to Bongo's US hub in Bridgeport, CT. Items are received and updated into the consumer's online account.
  • Step Four: International consumer chooses to ship the goods (via Bongo's online application) or hold the goods to be consolidated with other US purchases, saving them up to 82% off common carrier rates.

Special Pricing Offer for CWS customers!

We have been able to negotiate special terms for all Colorado Web Solutions clients. With a one year commitment to the Bongo International services, we can install and activate your service for only $250 (that's 50% off the retail price!) and there will be no additional charges. Ever. No monthly fee's, no minimums, simply a commitment for one year and a small one time installation and set up fee. This price offer is limited so don't delay.

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More Information about International Shipping and Yahoo Stores

Fraud Screening

Due to the limitations with address verification overseas, it is very difficult for US merchants to fraud screen international credit cards. Bongo resolves this concern through its proprietary suite of Fraud Screening Tools. The applications identify if an order should be fulfilled or cancelled before it is dispatched by the merchant.

Bongo's proprietary system sends each consumer through a two tiered process

  • Passive Screening - Looks for inconsistencies within the customer's registration
  • Active Screening - Forces the consumer to prove validity of credit card

Bongo's suite of Fraud Screening Tools provide the merchant with 3 pieces of information:

  • Credit Card Validation - uses the last 4 digits of the credit card to confirm that the same card was used to make the purchase and to register for their U.S. address through Bongo
  • Status Updates - Allows the US merchant to see if the customer has been accepted as a valid customer
  • Risk Profile - Allows the merchant to view if there were any inconsistencies within a customer's registration.
  • Bongo's fraud Screening Tools are accessible to all Bongo Partner Websites, and have resulted in a 0.00% fraud rate in the company history.

    Customs Compliance

    The U.S. government regulates exported products from the U.S. to minimize security risks. It is extremely important to know the following:

    • What are you exporting (is it legal to export to that country?
    • Who are you exporting to?
    • What are the goods going to be used for?

    Bongo manages all export compliance procedures and runs each consumer through the government's Denied Party Lists prior to activation of their account. This allows their merchant partners to focus on their core business.


    Selling and shipping products to consumers around the world has consistently created challenges for US merchants. Some of these challenges include:

    • Shipping Rates
    • Duty/Tax Calculation
    • Transit times
    • Proper Packaging and Paperwork Procedures

    Traditionally, these have all resulted in a poor customer experience, dissatisfied international consumers, and higher abandonment rates.

    Each shipment may need all or a combination of the following:

    • International Airbill
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Shippers Export Declaration (SED)
    • Export Licenses

    Bongo has automated the paperwork process to allow international orders to be received, inventoried, repackaged, and shipped within a few hours. Their unique way of inspecting and inventorying shipments provides superior value to international consumers who want to know they received all their products correctly and have an interest in reducing their overall package size and costs.

    Customer Service

    Bongo International believes that superior customer service will drive future US purchases. Our Service Level Agreements (SLA) are designed to ensure your customers are receiving the best experience possible. Coupled with these SLAs, we have provided multiple methods of communication so your customers can always be in contact with us.

    • Inbound Processing - Bongo will inventory all goods into a consumers account within 4 hours of receipt of package
    • Outbound Processing - Any shipment processed before 4:00 EST will be shipped the same day
    • Telephone Service - 90% of phone calls will be answered within 20 seconds
    • Live Chat - Bongo holds a 5 Star rating with Live Person. 90% of new Chats are answered within 10 seconds
    • Support Messages - All Customer Support messages are responded to within 24 business hours


    As an online business, managing returns can be a very costly process. Bongo has developed solutions to minimize the risk of returns and has developed solutions that make the process significantly easier for online merchants to receive international return orders.

    Reducing Returns

    Bongo enables your consumers to review images of their purchases prior to paying for international shipping. This reduces their costs as they are able to catch mis-fulfilled orders prior to shipping the goods overseas.

    Domestic Returns

    Domestic returns represent less than 2% of the overall volume shipped through Bongo. We have automated the process for our customers so they are able to provide us with RMA numbers on any domestic return. Bongo manages the return and charges the international consumer for the return transportation (unless provided for free by the merchant).

    International Returns

    Why ship the goods back to Bongo and then to the merchant? This would only increase the costs for the consumer. Bongo provides international consumers with electronic paperwork that allow them to return the goods directly back to the merchant. All they have to do is print the paperwork and give the package to the carrier. This reduces the return costs for the consumer and creates a better customer experience.

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