Advanced Shipping Manager

If you are a Yahoo! Merchant who needs more flexibility than the built in Yahoo! Shipping Options, the Advanced Shipping Manager may be your answer. Real time rates from USPS, UPS, FedEx and more.


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Yahoo! Store Shipping has never been easier

The Advanced Shipping Manager will transform how shipping is calculated on your Yahoo! Store. We call the Advanced Shipping Manager, "intelligent" because it does more than just take your products' weights and check the shipping rate between point A and point B. It "thinks" along with you and provides real solutions for the unique way that your business is run.

Colorado Web Solutions has teamed up with Advanced Shipping Manager to provide our clients with this Enterprise Quality Shipping Manager at a fraction of the costs found with other services.

Real Time USPS, FedEx and UPS Rates for Yahoo! Stores

Yahoo! Store does a great job providing real time rates for UPS, but what about FedEx and USPS? With the Advanced Shipping Manager, you can now add FedEx, USPS and UPS real time rates to your Yahoo! Store. Learn More.

Integrates with Legacy & Merchant Solutions Yahoo! Stores

The Advanced Shipping Manager will run on both Yahoo! Store platforms (Legacy Stores and Merchant Solutions Stores). Please note that if you have a Merchant Solutions Store, you will need to be in either the Standard or Professional Package. The Starter Package does not support the real time integration.

Yahoo! Store Drop Shipping Solved

Drop Shipping with a Yahoo! Store has never been an easy problem to solve. If you have multiple suppliers, more than likely, they are shipping from all over the country and your shipping rates will vary depending on where they are shipping from and where they are shipping to. Yahoo! Stores by default, can not handle the complexity of multiple locations, but with the Advanced Shipping Manager you will have the flexibility you need to make sure you are charging the correct price every time. Learn More.

Accurate Shipping Rate Calculations

  • Origin zip codes for each individual item. - Great for drop shipping and multiple warehouses.
  • Support for single items requiring multiple packages. - Great for furniture.
  • Support for dimensional weight. - Allows you to set dimensions for each of your products.
  • Set individual items to ship alone. - Additional items will ship in a separate package.
  • Use your company's negotiated discount rate or use rack rates.
  • Automatically adds a new package when weight limit is exceeded and calculates rate accordingly.

Smart Yahoo! Store Enhancements

  • Set free shipping for any individual item.
  • Set which shipping method is to be used for free shipping for each item.
  • Block individual items from being sent via specific shipping methods.
  • Set a flat-rate shipping cost for any individual item.
  • Support for temperature-sensitive items. - System checks both current and forecast temperatures.

Pricing and Options

Pricing is very simple. There is a $250 set-up fee for the back end modification made to your site and templates and then a monthly fee of $75. We do offer discounts for multiple stores.

If you have unusual needs like refrigeration intelligent shipping, DHL shipping, Yellow Truck Shipping, etc, we have additional variations available at additional fees.

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