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Yahoo! Store Customer Service RTML

It's about feeling taken care of.

When your customers feel heard and taken care of, they are much more willing to buy from you. Adding our Customer Service RTML features to your Yahoo! Store can do exactly that; Make your customers feel taken care of. With enhancements like Price Match Request forms, automated email subscription management, Customer Friendly Site Maps, Product Reviews written by fellow shoppers and more, these RTML features are designed to make your customers feel safe and informed.

Customer Service Features:

You don't have to guess. These are your actual costs.

At Colorado Web Solutions, we believe that our clients should know our fees and costs up-front. There are no hidden fee's when you work with Colorado Web Solutions, you will be aware of your total and final costs before the project even begins. All of our clients, big and small, receive the same exceptional service and pricing. If you are a Yahoo! Store Owner looking for assistance with anything regarding Yahoo! Store, please let us know, we'd love to help.

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