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Yahoo! Store Search Improvements

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Installation of the Yahoo Site Search

Install the New and Improved Yahoo Site Search

Yahoo’s new site search allows store owners to customize the search settings to some degree. Owners can choose to show the “Add to Cart”, hide non-orderable items and define how the filters appear on the results page. The searches can be narrowed down based on filters like brand, price and category.

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Benefit Snapshot:

  • Add items to the cart directly from the search results page
  • View search results using a grid or a list format
  • Choose the number of results shown per page
  • Refine search results using filters such as brand, price and category
  • Sort by relevance or price

Add On Option:

See it in Action:

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simple improvements

Free Shipping Countdown

If you offer Free Shipping with your Yahoo! Store, adding a free shipping countdown (only $12 more to get free shipping!) can greatly increase order sizes.

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