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Larger Image Layer View

Extremely Popular Feature

By default, Yahoo! Stores "enlarge" images by opening them up in a new page. Visitors must them click their back button to return to the product view. This was solved years ago by making the larger image appear as a pop-up window when clicked. These days, so many browsers are blocking pop-ups, we've moved to using layers to display enlarged images and the response has been fantastic. These layers are put "over" the page but still within the page (we use them all over this site!). We also offer animation (like you see on this site) for an additional fee.

Add to your Yahoo! Store for only $300

Benefit Snapshot:

  • The newest technology available
  • Can't be blocked by pop-up blockers
  • Allows for tighter integration into your design
  • Much more professional presentation

Included with:

See it in Action:

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simple improvements

Free Shipping Countdown

If you offer Free Shipping with your Yahoo! Store, adding a free shipping countdown (only $12 more to get free shipping!) can greatly increase order sizes.

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