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Cross Sell V 2.0 Integration

A Hidden Gem in Yahoo! Stores

Imagine being able to track every one of your customers, follow them, see what they look at and what they add to their carts. Then look to see what they actually purchase based on what they were looking at on your site. Then, based on what they saw and what they bought, you hand pick suggested items for each new customer to your site. Sounds complicated huh? It would be if Yahoo! hadn't released Cross Sell V 2.0. We'll turn on this feature for you, customize it to match your site seamlessly and you will have a cross sell sales wizard on your site selling to your customers with NO WORK on your part. Ever. How cool is that?

Add to your Yahoo! Store for only $375

Benefit Snapshot:

  • Absolutely No Work for You! None.
  • Automatically Sells your Products
  • Updates on the fly based on your customers browsing and buying habits.
  • Another great feature from Yahoo! Merchant Solutions

Included with:

See it in Action:

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