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Contact Us Form Design

Available in two Options

Our Contact Us forms are much more advanced than most. Most forms are designed to capture your customers data and send it to you. Our version takes it a step further and add's the ability to keep all of your customer contact history as well as allow you to download in bulk and run complex reports based on your received submissions. In other words, we have great forms that will email you what's been submitted and we'll also save that data for you to review later. Please note that there is a monthly fee to have the ability to access and run reports on your data. Collection and storage are provided with no monthly fee. More complex forms may have additional fee's beyond the fee listed below. Pricing is based on standard fields.

Add to your Yahoo! Store for only $200

Standard Version Features:

  • No Monthly Fee
  • Form details are emailed to you directly
  • Customize Subject Line and Email Content
  • Submissions are stored in database
  • Database and reporting are not accessible to you

Enhanced Version Features:

  • Small Monthly Fee (less than $10)
  • Form details are emailed to you directly
  • Submissions are stored in database
  • Online form management will allow you to change your forms on the fly with no coding knowledge.
  • Generate reports and graphs based on your submissions
  • Download your form submissions in batches
  • Edit your existing data and forms online with ease
  • Manage your auto-replies, subject lines, recipients and mailings online

Included with:

See it in Action:

  • Test It Out! - Play with this sample version and submit a form. We built it for you to test for yourself.

Additional Information:

  • Note that the forms included with design services do not include the option to download and run reports on the data submitted. A small monthly fee is required for this service. Also note that Colorado Web Solutions is not responsible for your data and you are responsible for maintaining accurate backup's in the event of sudden data loss or other catastrophe.

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