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Advanced Blog Set Up (Almost Seamless with site look and feel)

Great for Content Heavy Sites

Blogs are the newest and greatest way to keep in touch with your customers and potential customers. They also have a wonderful side effect - SEO. Our Advanced Blog package is a WordPress Blog for Yahoo! Stores that will be completely customized to be virtually seamless with your store. The Blog will look slightly different than your store as it will contain the basic blog features (Categories, Recent Posts, Links, etc.), but the feel of the site will remain almost parallel to your store.

Add to your Yahoo! Store for only $1500

Benefit Snapshot:

  • Professional way to present your news, editorials, reviews and articles
  • Nearly Seamless design creates more powerful message
  • Yahoo! Store Blog's are the newest way to market

Add On Option:

See it in Action:

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simple improvements

Free Shipping Countdown

If you offer Free Shipping with your Yahoo! Store, adding a free shipping countdown (only $12 more to get free shipping!) can greatly increase order sizes.

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experience change

Watch as we transform from bland and plain to simple elegance. Read more