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Additional Template Based Layouts

Advanced Customization Option

If you would like to take your Yahoo! Store to an entirely new level, add customization options to individual templates. For example, your product page can change based on the type of item you are selling. Some products require one set of data fields, while another product category many need an entirely different way being presented. This is solved with an additional product page template that can be called from within your store editor or csv file.

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Benefit Snapshot:

  • Allows for greater customization of category and product pages
  • Can be customized for a specific product group
  • Can be used to create section of your store with a completely different look and feel

Add On Option:

See it in Action:

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Customer Product Reviews

Many Yahoo! Store owners want to display more than two images per product. We can do that for you and add professionalism to any store.

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