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All clients are subject to the terms listed below in addition to the terms outlined in your individual contract.

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Colorado Web Solutions Terms & Conditions

The Design Process

1) Depending on which design package you have selected, you will be presented with up to 3 different layouts.

2) Once designs are complete they will be presented to you (Mock Up #1)

3) You will be asked for feedback. We will need you to write out as much information as possible to assist us in modifying the Mock-Up to fit your desires.

4) Once we receive your feedback, we will re-design and present Mock Up #2. We will expect you to again review the design and make any and all comments regarding changes and modifications.

5) After receiving feedback on the Second mock-up, we will create Mockup #3 for your final review. 99% of the time, this is the final version we use when starting your store, but you are able to make one additional modification to the design before additional charges apply.

6) If there are changes to the 3rd mock-up we’ll present you with Mock Up #4. If there were not changes required, then we will begin the RTML coding of your store.

Additional Terms & Conditions

1) Changes made to the design after approval and during or after coding will be charged at our hourly rate.

2) Anything logged into the Project Management system by our staff will be included and guaranteed on the project. Items not listed in the PM system are not considered a part of the project and will incur additional charges.

3) Colorado Web Solutions does not provide HTML formatting for your content (articles, product descriptions, customer service information, etc). We do offer HTML formatting as an additional service beyond your initial project quote.

4) Colorado Web Solutions does not provide any assistance beyond education in CSV population. CSV (coma separated Value) forms must be completed by the client are are not the responsibility of Colorado Web Solutions

5) A project is considered “finished” when our portion of the coding is completed, not when the
store is loaded with products and pushed live. Payment will be expected when we have completed our work. Please see your contract for additional details.

6) Our standard Payment Policy is 50% at the start of the project, 25% due when the coding phase begins and 25% upon our completion. Payment may be made online via credit card or paypal as well as via US Mail via business check. Invoices are sent exclusively via email.

7) All clients will sign a contract detailing all terms and conditions specific to their project prior to start. Please see your individual contract for full terms and conditions.

Refunds and Cancellations

In the event Client cancels or terminates the project before Completion of the Services, Colorado Web Solutions shall be paid by Client pro rata for all completed work and the payment of any authorized expenses. If a project has not been started in any form, a full refund will be provided. Rate will be determined by our hourly service rate currently at $31.25 per 15 minutes. In the event that the project has been completed in full, Client will be expected to pay complete remaining balance and any late fees, etc. immediately upon termination.


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We are proud to be an Authorized Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Developer featured in the Yahoo! Developer Directory.

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Gak by Nickelodeon

Gak by Nickelodeon picked Colorado Web Solutions as their Yahoo Store partner becuase of our attention to detail and creative implementations.

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