Our Design Philosophy

Colorado Web Solutions has a very distinct philosophy on design, our clients and the way you experience our work.

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The Colorado Web Solutions Design Philosophy

The Business of Online

Colorado Web Solutions was founded on online business design, not just online design. We understand how business works, not just how to design web pages.

Our design process is business centered, after all, what's the point of making a website if you're not going to profit from it or gain something by having one? We work closely with our online businesses to ensure that your design is made for business success.

We don't consider ourselves successful unless our clients are successful. This theory has been the motivating factor in every decision we make, every tool we develop and every step we take.

With our optional add-ons and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, we can help you create an entire business. We're not happy until you are ready to do business and we'll do everything we can to assist you on the online business side of websites.

Experience in the Real World

Every member of our team has worked a minimum of 5 years in ecommerce (with Yahoo! Stores). We have all worked for online retailers before coming to work for Colorado Web Solutions, in fact it's a requirement for employment here. This experience gives us the knowledge you want in a design partner. We have all been in your shoes, we've all worked in ecommerce and we've tackled many of the major pitfalls and hurdles for you, so you won't have to learn the hard way.

Personal Attention

Colorado Web Solutions is a small business dedicated to each and every one of our clients. We never take on more projects than we can efficiently handle, guaranteeing you the personal attention and professionalism that you are looking for in a web design company. We are committed to meeting all of your needs, including but not limited to, timely solutions to any problems you might have with your site, personal accessibility during your site's design, and follow up after your website's launch date. We promise to immerse ourselves in your vision, as if it were our own, assuring you the site you have dreamed of, and the site we have promised you.

Colorado Web Solutions is a private company, so we answer only to our clients. We will never make decisions based on "What the Board Says" and you will always be able to contact us day or night.

Personal Options

We understand that your website is your dream. We are committed to give you as much control over the design as you would like to take. On the other hand, we will also accept total control and create a site for you straight from our creative department. It's up to you.

We have some clients that have drawn their entire "dream" on paper for us and some that have given us very little information to start out with, so please feel free to add whatever level of input you would like to make!


Yahoo! Small Business Partner

We are proud to be an Authorized Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Developer featured in the Yahoo! Developer Directory.

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featured client

Gak by Nickelodeon

Gak by Nickelodeon picked Colorado Web Solutions as their Yahoo Store partner becuase of our attention to detail and creative implementations.

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