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Cyber Monday Tip #2: Credit Card Processing

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November 12th, 2009 | Yahoo Store Tips

Cyber Monday Tip #2: Credit Card Processing

Posted on November 12th, 2009 by Matt Sampson - Colorado Web Solutions

Part 2 of our month long Cyber Monday Prep Tips Series. Every day for the next month, we will be giving you one small piece of advice to check, fix or confirm within your Yahoo! Store in preparation for Cyber Monday 2009. View Past Yahoo! Store Tips.

Cyber Monday Yahoo! Store Preparation Tip #2: Credit Card Fee Quick Check

I know it sounds silly, but think about the money you can save this holiday season with lower payment processing fee’s during your busiest rush! So go ahead, real quick, grab your credit card statement from last month and find out what your processing % fee is. If it’s higher than 2.19%, I’d highly suggest switching processors and right now. If you need a respected credit card processor suggestion for Yahoo! Stores, click here.

That’s your Yahoo! Store Cyber Monday Prep tip for the day. Nice and easy.

Be sure to check back in tomorrow for a look at your “Contact Us” page!

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