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Customize Yahoo! Store Order Confirmation Subject Lines

Posted on June 3rd, 2009 by Matt Sampson - Colorado Web Solutions

Yahoo! Merchant Solutions released a few new upgrades over the weekend that are relatively small but carry great impact. The most signifigant one to me is that ability to change your Yahoo! Store order confirmation email subject lines. It’s not perfect, they still force most of it on you, BUT, you are able to change the YHST part of the subject line to a different prefix and they have given you the ability to add “from MERCHANT NAME” at the end of the subject line. So in theory, your subject line could look something like this:

Subject: order CoffeeCakes-654383 from

We know it’s not a mind-blowing feature, but I felt that it was very worth mentioning in here because being able to customize that subject line in the order confirmation emails allows for one more level of class that merchants with Yahoo! were not able to achieve previously. I’ll include Yahoo!’s post below along with a link for more information so you can make this change to your sites. It’s extremely simple to change and I would HIGHLY recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

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