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Is it time to hire a Yahoo Store Designer?

Posted on July 13th, 2010 by Matt Sampson - Colorado Web Solutions

Yahoo Merchant Solutions stores are fantastic for small to mid-size businesses to quickly get their products online. One of the many benefits of the Yahoo platform is that customers with little web knowledge have the ability to create their own stores, upload their own products/ images and run an online store with little or no involvement from third parties.

For many store owners this works great initially, and possibly even for years. However, there comes a time when the default Yahoo store won’t be able to compete with more attractive and functional competitors running the same platform. At that critical juncture the store owner can learn HTML/RTML and attempt to re-design their own store or they can seek out a yahoo store professional developer to handle the process for them.

There are a few key reasons why I believe it’s a good idea to use a professional developer like Colorado Web Solutions to facilitate a yahoo stores redesign process.

First and foremost is experience.

Colorado Web Solutions clients all work with individual Project Managers, Developers and Designers with extensive backgrounds in Yahoo store development encompassing the use of various coding languages such as RTML, HTML, PHP, CSS. Our team has in-depth knowledge relating to custom website creation, analytics, affiliate platforms, Adwords, blogs, social media et al. We also have real-world experience running Yahoo stores and non-Yahoo custom stores. When a client comes to us looking for a Yahoo Store re-design – they get our combined knowledge and perspective which immediately increases their chances for success ten-fold.

Redesigning a Yahoo store can be a challenging and frustrating process for store owners as they might not know where to start or where to focus. At Colorado Web Solutions we use a unique management style to guide smoothly through design process. From the onset – the client is given a broad overview of how and where they should focus their energies. The client receives a plethora of supportive materials to educate and illustrate how they’ll manage their new store. We take care of the project progression, the time-lines, the milestones and the creative and functional processes. That leaves the client free to continue to focus on running their business instead of running their project.

As I mentioned earlier, the out of the box Yahoo store is a great start to selling on the web. Most clients recognize however, without advanced programming skills, the default functionality Yahoo Store’s offer can take a store only so far. This is where Colorado Web Solutions comes in. We offer a large feature list from Advanced Product Reviews to our Wholesale Hub to Custom Scripts for a variety of use – all of which are not available to default Yahoo store owners. Our knowledge and expertise can greatly increase a store’s chances to convert existing customers and attract new ones. Our education program that is incorporated with all designs and re-designs is easy to understand and efficient.

If you are debating about whether or not a new design for your Yahoo store makes sense, please take a look at one of our recent redesigns and the article that was written regarding our design. I think the results speak loudly as to the benefits of using a professional developer to take your store to the next level.

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Yahoo! Store Design Discount Options Announced

Posted on August 13th, 2009 by Matt Sampson - Colorado Web Solutions

I wanted to take a moment and let you know about an exciting new offer we launched today for Yahoo! Store Design. For a limited time, Colorado Web Solutions is offering Yahoo! Store owners a choice as to what kind of discount they would like to receive when they sign up for one of our Standard Yahoo! Store Design Packages. Starting today, there will be two great options:

1) Save $500 Immediately off your bill, or
2) Receive $700 in credit to use on extra enhancements for your store!

The choice is yours! Some Yahoo! Store owners are looking to save as much as they can and other Yahoo! Store owners want to get the most for their money and enhance their Yahoo! Stores. Now both groups can get exactly what they want!

We’ve posted all of the details about the program on our site in our newly launched Discounts & Promotions Page, so if you are interested in participating in this limited time promotion, please head over to to get all the information.

If you are searching for a Yahoo Store Developer or a Yahoo Store Designer, Colorado Web Solutions is your perfect match and now you can save even more when you sign up.

Thank you everyone and have a great week.

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