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Yahoo Store Redesign

Posted on July 1st, 2015 by Brent Carey

Yahoo Store Redesign of

We’re excited to showcase a new Yahoo store redesign collaboration between and Colorado Web Solutions. has been a long time client. In fact, we designed our client’s first site almost 9 years ago. Recently they decided it was time to make their site responsive due to Google’s new push towards having all sites mobile friendly.

In the initial review of their site, it was determined that the coding structure was quite antiquated and a full redesign would be required in order to implement a fully responsive design. Together with the client, we determined the design direction and feature implementation needed. The result of our combined efforts is a fantastic visual transformation. The resolution, font size, spacing and image sizing were all quite small on the old site. The original site had been designed with smaller monitors in mind. Additionally, in the years since the site was launched, our client has added new programs, features and categories. In order to get the content on the page, we embedded content blocks where ever we could find space within the existing structure. This ultimately led to a fairly packed homepage with a lot of information making navigation that much more difficult.

Here’s an example of what the homepage looked like previously:

Old Website Design

As you see, the old design tried to pack a lot of information into a narrow area. As more programs and features were added to the site, the more crammed each section became. Additionally, the original site did not incorporate Cascading Menus. With so many categories and sub-categories, a lot of clicking was required to drill down into the many sub-categories present.

Below you’ll see the newly redesigned store. Rather than using blue for a background, white is used. This gives the impression of a lot more white space between elements and it allows each content block to really pop. The full screen is used which allows for the same number of elements to be spread out over the entire screen. Again, making it easier for the eye to catch different blocks of content. Cascading Menus/Mega Menus have also been installed. The result is customers can easily drill down to the specific sub-category they’re interested in. Also, the new design is fully responsive. No need to worry about Google dinging the site’s search engine placement.

Yahoo store redesign

A redesign can do a lot to increase conversions. It can also greatly help to better showcase new features, products, categories and content. In todays competitive market it’s imperative to keep your site up-to-date with a contemporary look and feel. If you haven’t redesigned your Yahoo store in the last few years, it’s time to start thinking about it. With over 11 years of Yahoo design experience, Colorado Web Solutions can help. If you’re interested in having your Yahoo store redesigned or interested in converting your store to a responsive design, please contact Colorado Web Solutions for more information. We can be reached Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm MST at 303-482-2080 or via our contact form.

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