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Cyber Monday Tip #1: Your Home Page Text

Posted on November 11th, 2009 by Matt Sampson - Colorado Web Solutions

Welcome to our month long Cyber Monday Prep Tips Series! Every day for the next month, we will be giving you one small piece of advice to check, fix or confirm within your Yahoo! Store in preparation for Cyber Monday 2009.

Cyber Monday Preparation Tip #1: Examine your Home Page Text

Your Yahoo! Store’s home page is the front door for most of your customers and certainly for the search engines. There are numerous elements on your home page that require constant attention, but today we’re going to look only at the text based content.

First things first. Read your home page. From top to bottom. Don’t skip the footer! Ask yourself these questions: Does it make sense? Is everything I read up to date? Is there anything I’m missing? What would I want to read if I were a customer?

Next, make a list of 20 keywords or phrases that are critical to your sites success. Once you’ve created that list, take at least 10 of those keywords or phrases and add them to the home page of your site. Use them in sentences, with correct grammar and punctuation. We’re not trying to trick anyone here with keyword spamming, we’re just ensuring that your site has relevant information, so write with the consumer in mind, but use your keyword list when you can.

Finally, are you offering any specials or promotions this holiday season in your Yahoo! Store? Free Shipping? Free Returns? Gifts with Purchases? Discounts on certain items? Be sure to let your customers know about promotions on the home page if you can. Don’t wait for them to stumble on your promotions and offers, let them know right away. This builds trust and puts your customers at ease.

OK, I’m keeping these short so that you can actually implement these changes quickly and efficiently, so I’ll leave it at that. Get to work. Make the move. Don’t read this and “do it later”. Just get it done now, you’ll thank me later.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a Yahoo! Store money saving tip regarding credit cards!

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