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Yahoo! Store Upgrades Coupon Manager (finally!)

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March 4th, 2009 | General News, Yahoo Store News, Yahoo Store Tips

Yahoo! Store Upgrades Coupon Manager (finally!)

Posted on March 4th, 2009 by Matt Sampson - Colorado Web Solutions

We are happy to report that Yahoo! Store Merchant Solutions has released a fantastic upgrade and enhancement to their coupon manager section! For the first time ever, Yahoo! Store’s are able to handle Single Use Coupons. This is a monumental change that will allow Yahoo! Store Merchants to market in an entirely new way. It will also allow merchants to easily issue “We’re sorry” coupons for customers without worrying about multiple uses, etc. We’re very happy with this announcement today and look forward to working with the new coupons for Yahoo! Stores.

We have included the release from Yahoo! Merchant Solutions as well.


We’re excited to announce new features in Coupon Manager that give you greater flexibility when extending coupon offers to your customers. When released on Wednesday, you will be able to create single-use coupons, easily exclude store items from offers, and choose from new ways to sort and filter your coupon data to provide greater insight into the performance of your promotions.

Greater coupon options
You will be able to create two types of coupons in Coupon Manager: standard (the coupons you’ve always had), and new single-use coupons, which are created in series. Single-use coupons can be redeemed one time only, giving you the freedom to create offers tailored for specific customers without the worry of coupons being shared.

The following are some promotional ideas for you to consider. Start planning now!

  • Include a printed single-use coupon offer in outgoing shipments
  • Have multiple stores? Cross-Sell coupon offers in outgoing shipments
  • Offer single-use coupons via Live Chat agents in cases where abandonment may be likely
  • Offer single-use coupons as incentives to increase customer satisfaction
  • Merge single-use coupon codes into email marketing campaigns

Whether you’re creating a single-use or standard coupon, you can now choose to exclude specific store items from your offer. Previously, you could choose which individual items to include in a coupon offer, or to include all store items. Being able to exclude items makes coupon creation a faster and easier process. This can be especially helpful if you carry a large number of products and wish to exclude only one or a few from a special promotion.

After the release, you can find out more about creating coupons.

Sort and filter coupon data
Enhancements to Coupon Manager give you new ways to sort and filter your coupon data. Coupons can now be sorted by number of orders, revenue, coupon code, type, expiration date, and conversion rate. New coupon filters also allow you to apply coupon status and time-period filters, and to download filtered coupon lists. You can even sort by offer conversion rate to quickly identify top performing offers and further build on that success.

Once the release is complete, learn how to sort, filter, and download coupon data.

Prepare for the release
Start planning new promotions now! After our release on Wednesday, no changes are required on your part to use these great new Coupon Manager features. Simply click the “Coupon Manager” link in the “Promote” section of Store Manager to get started. To learn more about creating, editing, and managing coupons, please visit our online help section.

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