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Practicing What We Preach – Our New Site Design

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February 17th, 2009 | General News, Yahoo Store News

Practicing What We Preach – Our New Site Design

Posted on February 17th, 2009 by Matt Sampson - Colorado Web Solutions

FOLLOW UP – March 24, 2009: Since this article was posted back in February, I wanted to give you another update on the traffic we’ve seen since the re-design. Page Views continue to rise and stats like Average time on the Site and Pages per visits are up a staggering 60%. Additionally the bounce rate continues to have dropped an average of 24%.

This past Friday, Colorado Web Solutions quietly unveiled our newest and most technologically advanced site design to date. Our clients will immediately notice a difference with our open and clean new look. Researching our services and features has never been easier and our site is completely up to date and revamped.

Take a look over at

That is not the point of this article though…

We are constantly encouraging our clients and future clients to freshen up their sites, do a re-design and reap the results. In extremely difficult economic times it is often hard to justify such expenses. Even our new site was an astronomical financial undertaking with time and money and our staff. I felt though, that if I am going to encourage our clients to upgrade that we should do the same. And we did.

Now, here is the interesting part. In just one weekend alone we’re seeing staggering changes in our traffic patterns. Here are a few of the most interesting tidbits:

The site traffic remained consistent. A new design is not going to drive more traffic on the day it launches :)


Our average page view per visitor (how many pages people look at per visit) went up 13% immediately and continues to grow. People are staying longer because they are interested, comfortable and finding good information.

In conjunction with that, we’re seeing that our visitors are staying on our site 15% longer than they did just a week before. Again, they are seeing more content that they like and staying longer.

And the most important rate for me, is our bounce rate. Our bounce rate is judged by visitors who visit only one page before they leave. They are bounces and in analytics, considered lost customers. Our bounce rate with the new site design has already gone down 14%.

Keep in mind that these numbers are only from a single weekend! Imagine what they will even out to once the new site is fully indexed in the search engines, etc…

Point being, a site re-design may cost some money up front, but the long term (and even SHORT term) benefits are very large. We took our own advice and we couldn’t be happier.

Take care everyone.

Matt Sampson
Colorado Web Solutions

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