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Colorado Web Solutions is now 100% Wind Powered

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May 1st, 2009 | General News, Yahoo Store News

Colorado Web Solutions is now 100% Wind Powered

Posted on May 1st, 2009 by Matt Sampson - Colorado Web Solutions

wind farmI am very proud to announce that as of today (May 1, 2009), the Colorado Web Solutions Main Office is powered 100% by renewable resources. At 12:01 this morning, we left the coal powered electricity grid and have moved completely to wind powered turbines.

As a Colorado native, I was lucky to grow up in a this natural playground we call Colorado. Environmental responsibility has always been a part of my life whether while camping, skiing, golfing and even working. We’ve been recycling around the office for years, but this next step is a major jump to an even less destructive environmental footprint. I am very proud to know that my company is running on renewable wind energy.

Colorado Web Solutions is extremely focused on the environment and our role in preserving the natural beauty and resources of our planet.

We’ve cut our carbon footprint as a company and hope our clients, colleges and friends will follow. Our vehicles are used much less than average working Americans since we work in home offices and we have gone to a completely paperless office in an effort to reduce waste and unnecessary strain on our resources. We recycle old computers and equipment and have signed up for electronic mail vs. postal mail on as many bills and communications as possible. As a company we made a decision to stop postal mailings and printings in an effort to save resources as well. In the event that we do mail materials, we use post-consumer recycled materials only.

If you are searching for a Yahoo! Store Partner with technological expertise, personal management and an eco-friendly environmental policy, Colorado Web Solutions is your answer.

If any of you would like more information about powering your company with Wind Energy, contact your utilities provider and ask them about your options.  We encourage you do make that call.

Have a great week everyone –

Matt Sampson
Colorado Web Solutions

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