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The subject line elevator pitch

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November 30th, 2007 | Email Marketing Tips

The subject line elevator pitch

Posted on November 30th, 2007 by Colorado Web Solutions - Yahoo Store Developers and Designers

This is an article provided by our partners from Constant Contact. We felt this was a great article and something worth passing on to our clients and visitors.

How important are your subject lines to the overall success of an email campaign? I did a little digging and here are some stats I discovered…
69% said they make the decision to click on the “report spam” or “junk” button using the subject line, according to the ESPC. – Email Sender and Provider Coalition (2007)

35% of email subscribers open messages based on what is in the subject line. – Jupiter Research (2006)
So, we know subject lines are important, but what can we do to write ones that people want to open? A study done by ReturnPath during the December holidays last year sheds light on this question.

What Kinds of Subject Lines Most Attract Your Attention?

* 55.2% – Clearly State the Offer
* 49.6% – Discount or free shipping
* 48.8% – Brand name or sender
* 33.8% – Curious
* 30.3% – Promise immediate answers (download or survey)
* 18.7% – Short
* 15.2% – Promise to solve a specific problem
* 14.1% – Funny
* 11.0% – Has my name in it

Want more ideas on how to improve your subject lines? Earlier this year, Gail Goodman did a two part series on how to improve them. In the first article she covers 5 tips for writing great subject lines, and in the second article gives some different approaches you can take (ask a question, tell it like it is, etc.).

A favorite subject line I received recently was “Do you hate jazz or what?” It was from a local restaurant (that I love). When I opened the email, I found a short survey meant to help the management determine if they would continue to hold live jazz on Wednesday nights or not. I thought this subject line was pretty clever. It got me to open!

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