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Don’t forget your Welcome Email

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November 2nd, 2007 | Email Marketing Tips

Don’t forget your Welcome Email

Posted on November 2nd, 2007 by Colorado Web Solutions - Yahoo Store Developers and Designers

This is an article provided by our partners from Constant Contact. We felt this was a great article and something worth passing on to our clients and visitors.

Did you know that your welcome letter may be the most-read email of any you send? According to Ramesh Lakshmi-Ratan, Ph.D., the Direct Marketing Association’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, “… welcome emails have significantly higher open rates than regular emails…” What a great opportunity to connect with your new subscribers!

Earlier this year, we featured an article by our CEO, Gail Goodman, in Hints & Tips about this very subject. The idea to focus on the welcome letter was inspired by a presentation we attended at the 2007 Email Marketing Summit sponsored by Marketing Sherpa.

At the conference, Marketing Sherpa’s president, Anne Holland, told us about a test they conducted prior to the summit. Her staff signed up for the email lists of all the companies who were coming and waited to see if they received a welcome letter. They wanted to see if we (the attendees) were taking advantage of the power of this first email.

Interestingly, they found that within 72 hours they had received welcome emails from only 55% and only 36% had content beyond “welcome.” The obvious point was, wow, what a missed opportunity!

I was so inspired, I came back and made some changes to the Hints & Tips welcome email. If you missed the article, or need a second reminder, here are some tips that can help you make the most of your welcome email. They only take minutes to implement and can make a big difference!

Tell them what to expect – Your sign-up form doesn’t tell subscribers much about what they will receive from you. Sell them on the value of being a member of your list by highlighting the content, from great events to money-saving discounts, your future emails will include.

Reward them instantly – Subscribers are at the height of their interest when they sign up for your list. Validate the wisdom of their decision to subscribe with an “instant reward.” If your emails are educational, provide links to past articles or past issues that you have on your website. If your emails are promotional, offer a discount or an incentive to encourage them to take immediate advantage of what you have to offer.

Lead them back to the website – You’ve worked hard to make your website a great place for visitors to get information. Make sure your welcome email links them back to helpful information on your site that might interest a prospective or new customer.

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