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CWS News September 2008 - Aabaco (Yahoo!) Store Blog by Colorado Web Solutions

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Important SSL Notice for Yahoo! Store Clients

Posted on September 24th, 2008 by Colorado Web Solutions - Yahoo Store Developers and Designers

This notice was just sent out to all of our clients. We’re posting it in the blog as well.

Yahoo! Store SSL Security Changes – FINAL NOTICE

IMPORTANT NEWS from Colorado Web Solutions

We’ve already let you know about a major security change that Yahoo! is implementing that could effect your Yahoo! Store. If you are one of our clients without a Yahoo! Store, you can ignore this notice.

It’s extremely important that you read this information as your stores cart could be crippled or warn your visitors of a lack of security if you are one of the effected carts. If you have already verified that your store is not effected or if you have submitted the form already you can disregard this notice.

This is the final warning we’re sending about this change.

What’s the Issue? In very basic terms, Yahoo! is changing the locations of the images in your store that are displayed in your cart. These images are displayed from a secure server to protect your customers data. The Secure Server locations are changing. Images that are being pulled from that server need to be re-coded to pull from the new servers. That’s the down and dirty of what’s happening. Read More from Yahoo

Does this effect my store? We need you to check!

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Yahoo! Store Launch:

Posted on September 16th, 2008 by Colorado Web Solutions - Yahoo Store Developers and Designers

We’re proud to announce the newest Yahoo! Merchant Solutions store designed by Colorado Web Solutions! (

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