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Redesign Aabaco Store

Posted on December 28th, 2015 by Brent Carey

Redesign Aabaco Store

redesign aabaco storeIt will soon be 2016 and it’s likely time to redesign your Aabaco (formally Yahoo!) Store. While the platform name has changed – the same great functionality that has made your Aabaco Merchant Solutions store a success still needs some TLC. It’s best to redesign your store every few years. Or, if you’re still using default Aabaco templates, updating those templates to a custom look and feel will go a long ways towards improving conversions. Make 2016 a year to be remembered by increasing your web presence and conversion power. The phrase, “Redesign Aabaco Store” should be your mantra in the coming months. Your sales and your customers will thank you for it.

Colorado Web Solutions offers 2 redesign packages designed to take your Aabaco store to the next level. Our Standard redesign package is perfect for those Aabaco store owners using standard default templates or for those store owners looking to keep the same functionality but needing a new, fresh look. Our Enhanced redesign package gives most Aabaco store owners a new look in addition to a few new features. If our bundled redesign packages don’t cover all the features and functionality inside your Aabaco store, we also provide a whole host of RMTL features. In addition, we also offer complete Responsive Design Conversions for any Legacy or Merchant Solution Aabaco store.

Colorado Web Solutions is ready to assist you with redesigning your Aabaco store. We’ve been designing and redesigning Aabaco stores for over 12 years. Experience matters. You can contact us today at 303-482-2080 or online. We hope to hear from you soon.

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Yahoo Store Redesign

Posted on July 1st, 2015 by Brent Carey

Yahoo Store Redesign of

We’re excited to showcase a new Yahoo store redesign collaboration between and Colorado Web Solutions. has been a long time client. In fact, we designed our client’s first site almost 9 years ago. Recently they decided it was time to make their site responsive due to Google’s new push towards having all sites mobile friendly.

In the initial review of their site, it was determined that the coding structure was quite antiquated and a full redesign would be required in order to implement a fully responsive design. Together with the client, we determined the design direction and feature implementation needed. The result of our combined efforts is a fantastic visual transformation. The resolution, font size, spacing and image sizing were all quite small on the old site. The original site had been designed with smaller monitors in mind. Additionally, in the years since the site was launched, our client has added new programs, features and categories. In order to get the content on the page, we embedded content blocks where ever we could find space within the existing structure. This ultimately led to a fairly packed homepage with a lot of information making navigation that much more difficult.

Here’s an example of what the homepage looked like previously:

Old Website Design

As you see, the old design tried to pack a lot of information into a narrow area. As more programs and features were added to the site, the more crammed each section became. Additionally, the original site did not incorporate Cascading Menus. With so many categories and sub-categories, a lot of clicking was required to drill down into the many sub-categories present.

Below you’ll see the newly redesigned store. Rather than using blue for a background, white is used. This gives the impression of a lot more white space between elements and it allows each content block to really pop. The full screen is used which allows for the same number of elements to be spread out over the entire screen. Again, making it easier for the eye to catch different blocks of content. Cascading Menus/Mega Menus have also been installed. The result is customers can easily drill down to the specific sub-category they’re interested in. Also, the new design is fully responsive. No need to worry about Google dinging the site’s search engine placement.

Yahoo store redesign

A redesign can do a lot to increase conversions. It can also greatly help to better showcase new features, products, categories and content. In todays competitive market it’s imperative to keep your site up-to-date with a contemporary look and feel. If you haven’t redesigned your Yahoo store in the last few years, it’s time to start thinking about it. With over 11 years of Yahoo design experience, Colorado Web Solutions can help. If you’re interested in having your Yahoo store redesigned or interested in converting your store to a responsive design, please contact Colorado Web Solutions for more information. We can be reached Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm MST at 303-482-2080 or via our contact form.

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Colorado Web Solutions introduces new WordPress Development Site

Posted on October 21st, 2014 by Brent Carey

new wordpress siteColorado Web Solutions is excited to announce the launch of our newest endeavor, Our new website and refined approach will focus on delivering WordPress site designs and solutions to our growing client base. For many years our core has been designing and developing Yahoo ecommerce stores. While we will continue to support the Yahoo platform, we have decided to widen our focus with the expansion and acceleration of our WordPress related services. In order to accentuate and facilitate this new array of services, we have created a WordPress specific site,

We are offering a host of WordPress related services from simple installs, to theme modifications, to fully customized multi-site builds. We believe WordPress is the perfect platform for those interested in creating a first-time presence or for those with antiquated sites needing a fresh updated look and functionality. WordPress can effectively be used for a multitude of site builds. For more information, please contact us at:

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WordPress Theme Modifications and Customizations

Posted on June 19th, 2014 by Brent Carey

WordPress theme modifications and customizations are a popular service that Colorado Web Solutions offers. We offer a variety of WordPress packages ranging from minimal theme installs to completely customized WordPress integrations. Our most sought after package is the WordPress Progressive Install. This service is ideal for clients looking for a website with a professional and unique look, without the considerable fees involved in a fully customized site. Wordpress theme modifications are the ideal solution for:

  1. Updating older WordPress sites
  2. Creating a first-time web presence
  3. For clients wanting to move from a poorly performing platform, which lacks the function or design capabilities that WordPress offers.

What really makes WordPress stand out from other web platforms is a well thought out Content Management System (CMS), as well as a host of Plugins which can add literally hundreds of features and functionality to your site. To top off an already feature-packed platform – WordPress is likely the premier blogging platform available today.

A perfect case study of a theme modification would be Serenity Salon in Aravda Colorado. Serenity came to Colorado Web Solutions with the intention of replacing their older, less functional WordPress theme. After an exhaustive search we decided upon the Spa Treats theme.

wordpress theme customization

The new theme offered Serenity a clean, fresh appearance coupled with an intuitive backend giving our client the ability to update their site without using HTML/CSS. While the new theme was well suited for a company in the holistic industry, it lacked design points and branding to match our client’s needs. That’s where our theme customization began. We modified the colors, page structure and images to create a new look unique to Serenity. In all, the new design and theme implementation was completed in a little more than a week.

There are a few key points to keep in mind when considering a WordPress theme customization or modification:

  • Move your site to the WordPress platform and receive the benefits of a self-managed site with an enhanced visual appearance offering a full range of functionality.
  • Obtain a professional looking site for less money than a fully customized site.
  • Upgrade an older WordPress theme for increased functionality with a clean, fresh appearance.

For more information on WordPress theme customization and modification packages that Colorado Web Solutions offers, as well as what makes WordPress unique among web platforms, please visit our WordPress Website Development page:







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WordPress Design and Development Services

Posted on March 13th, 2014 by Brent Carey

As Colorado Web Solutions has recently begun offering WordPress design and development services, we thought we’d showcase a recent client’s site transformation. Our client came to use with some relatively simple requests:

  • An updated look, something contemporary and reflective of their quality educational programs
  • A site redesign that would not break the bank
  • To have their registration process integrated within site
  • An easy backend – both to understand and to utilize

With those requirements, the choice of what platform to go with was an easy one. WordPress was the perfect solution. Often when clients hear the name “WordPress”, they will associate it with blogging. WordPress has certainly made a name for itself in that arena. What many clients don’t realize is that WordPress is also a robust content management system. It’s really the ideal platform for informational-based sites. The platform offers:

  • Premium hosting and security
  • The option of hundreds of pre-built beautiful themes or completely custom designs
  • Easy integration of Social Media
  • Thousands of Plugins which offer a plethora of functionality enhancements
  • A relatively simple backend which anyone can learn to use with effectiveness

Using our Progressive Install package, we took this site:

client old homepage design


compass points solutions inner page screen shot.fw


compass points registration page screen shot.fw


And delivered this:

newly designed homepage


inner page redesign


wordpress redesign


The redesign took us just under a week to complete. After an hour long call focused on training our client as to the specifics of backend navigation, creating new pages, posts and adding images, – they’re ready to go.

For more information on WordPress design services offered by Colorado Web Solutions, please have a look at the following page:

Compass Points Solutions – A New Direction in Education!

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Colorado Web Solutions now offering WordPress Integrations

Posted on February 25th, 2014 by Brent Carey

Colorado Web Solutions is excited to announce that we are now officially offering WordPress integrations. For many years, we’ve been working with the WordPress platform, using it for our own blogging needs. We’ve also been heavily involved with WordPress Multi-sites, as we have used this platform to create a one-of-a-kind PTA management system called Digital PTO. In the past couple of years we’ve also created many informational-based sites for clients using WordPress.logo_500x500.fw

Today we’re officially announcing our offering of various WordPress services. From simple site setups, to complex custom integrations to full multi-site build outs – we’re offering a little bit of everything.

If you’re interested in an informational based website, WordPress is the ideal candidate. WordPress started as a blogging system and has evolved into a full content management system, which utilizes thousands of plugins, widgets and themes, giving users ultimate control while providing clean and contemporary designs. For more information please have a look at our WordPress services.

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Redesigning Your Yahoo Store

Posted on July 9th, 2013 by Brent Carey

Redesigning a Yahoo store is a key factor in taking both your sales and your customers’ experience to the next level. A redesign can completely change the landscape of your site and in doing so can reinvent your brand image and showcase your products in a completely fresh – and competitive manner.

While is it relatively easy for anyone to purchase a domain and Yahoo store, throw up a few banners, add some products and images and get the site live – it’s much more difficult to differentiate your site from your competitors without hiring an authorized Yahoo developer to customize the look and feel. Without a developer not only will the overall look of your site likely suffer,  it is also much more difficult to get the proper exposure and conversion rates with self-managed Yahoo stores. As the market intensifies with more competition – the need for attractive, well laid out and highly functional stores has become not only more prevalent, but a prerequisite for any successful online store.

That’s where a company like Colorado Web Solutions comes in. There are currently a handful of Authorized Yahoo store developers out there. Each developer can bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to any small to mid-size business looking to improve the experience associated with their store and product line. Here at Colorado Web Solutions our primary specialty is in designing attractive Yahoo stores or re-designing existing Yahoo stores. As our portfolio grows – so does our list of successful clients.

I can’t say enough about the benefits of taking a slow to convert, self-designed Yahoo store and transforming it into a professional site laid out in a manner consistent with the buyer’s preconceived notions of how a website should function and what a “real” website should look like. Here at Colorado Web Solutions we’ve seen store re-designs double and even triple existing conversion rates within months. Some of the benefits can include; highly customized product detail pages that accurately and professionally present your products, a fresh and contemporary feel to the overall site experience, professional branding throughout the site, new feature sets, seamless transitions from store, to cart, to blog and so much more.

The need for a Yahoo store developer like Colorado Web Solutions in redesigning your site cannot be underestimated. In todays marketplace, it’s imperative to showcase your products as professionally as possible and this is often not possible without using a development service that will take your store beyond your expectations.




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Yahoo Releasing New SEO Feature

Posted on July 2nd, 2013 by Brent Carey

On July 8, 2013 and over the course of the next several weeks, Yahoo will be releasing a new feature for all Yahoo Merchant Solutions stores. The new feature will be directed at creating more SEO friendly image URL’s. The feature will be released in two stages. With each release, store owners will receive a notice in Store Manager indicating the feature is now live.

Yahoo is releasing this new SEO-friendly feature as a way of strengthening the URL’s that are associated with store images. The first phase of this new feature will create SEO-friendly Static URL’s for any new image uploads. Existing image URL’s will stay as they are until the second phase of the rollout. Why are static URL’s good for your images?

  • Static URL’s will help ensure that images are not broken when appearing in directories.
  • Static URL’s do not change. This creates consistency in your SEO efforts.
  • Static URL’s that are descriptive will boost SEO.

To learn more about how you can edit/change image names using the new feature, please have a look at this page.

The first release will focus only on new image uploads, the second phase will give ALL of your existing product images SEO-friendly URL’s. There are some specifics Yahoo is outlining in their post regarding the new Image Upload feature. For more information please see this page.

This is an exciting new feature from Yahoo and we’re sure store owners will find tremendous benefit in its usage. If you have questions about how we can assist, certainly let us know.

Thanks –

CWS Staff

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Yahoo Planned System Maintenance

Posted on February 27th, 2013 by Brent Carey

A reminder for all Yahoo merchants that Yahoo is performing their second planned system maintenance this evening from 7:30 PM PST until 7:30 AM PST on the 28th of February. Yahoo suggests having any publishes completed and any work in Order Manager finished before this period.

For a detailed list of the interruptions that may occur during this period, please see Yahoo’s Help Page.

– CWS Staff

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Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Planned System Maintenance

Posted on February 18th, 2013 by Brent Carey

A quick reminder for all Yahoo store merchants – Yahoo will be performing their first of two planned system maintenance periods February 19-20th. The maintenance will last from 7:30pm PT on the 19th until 7:30am PT on the 20th. During this time period:

  • Store Manager will not be available
  • Store publishes/Order Manager sessions will be stopped
  • Database Inventory will not be available
  • Real-time order posting will be delayed
  • Order numbers will not be generated, Order Confirmations/Order Ship status will be delayed
  • Order, Payment and Catalog API’s won’t be available
  • Promotions Center and Coupon Manager will not be accessible
  • Redeeming Gift Certificates will not be available
  • Registered customers will not be able to access order history
  • FDMS batch submissions and site statistics will be delayed
  • FTP upload will not be available
  • Please do not change user access during this period

Make sure to check Yahoo’s System status page for updates during this planned maintenance. You can find that here.

– CWS Staff



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